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March 2019

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Aktionen 2019


Sa. 19.1. / 20.1.19: Visions- und Planungswochenende des Kernteams

Sa. 26.1.19: Drehtag für Promotionfilm


Sa. 02.2.19: Social Day: Schlittschuhlaufen mit Teilnehmern aus dem Begleitprogramm für Flüchtlinge

Di. 12.2.19: Social Day: Mithilfe in der Suppenküche

Sa. 16.2.19: Aktionstag mit diversen Projekten

MÄRZ 2019

Fr. 08.-10.3.19: STC Deutschland Tag

Do. 21.3.19: NEU: STC Stammtisch

Do.21.3./22.3.19: diverse Projekte für Schoolclash Studenten

Sa. 23.3.19: Aktionstag mit unterschiedlichen Projekten

APRIL 2019

Sa. 13.4.19: Aktionstag mit unterschiedlichen Projekten

MAI 2019

Sa. 04.5.19: Urban Dinner im Rahmen vom STC GVD (Global Volunteer Day)

Sa. 11.5.19: Aktionstag mit unterschiedlichen Projekten

Sa. 18.5.19: STC SponsorLauf (AVON)

JUNI 2019

Sa.15.6.19: ZUMBA Charity Event auf dem Tempelhofer Feld

Do. 20.6.19: STC Stammtisch

Sa.29.6.19: Aktionstag mit unterschiedlichen Projekten

JULI 2019

Sa. 20.7.19: Aktionstag mit diversen Projekten


Sa. 10.8.19: Grill the City + Sommerfest

Sa. 17.8.18: Tauschbörse + Aktionstag


Sa. 21.9.19: Aktionstag mit diversen Projekten

Do. 26.9.19: STC Stammtisch


Sa. 12.10.19: Aktionstag mit diversen Projekten

Sa. 24.-27.10.19: Internationales FORUM in BRÜSSEL


Sa. 16.11.19: Aktionstag mit diversen Projekten

ab Sa. 25.11.19: Geschenkeaktion


Sa. 14.12.19: Community Dinner + International Dinner


Why do we need STC Berlin?

Who are we?

STC sees itself as a tool to bring volunteers (singles, families, adults, youth and children) together who want to serve in practical and innovative ways. We create opportunities to make it easy for everybody to serve others and at the same time have a good personal experience. Therefore Serve the City Berlin connects people who want to serve with meaningful opportunities in order to take action.

Many people want to get involved and be part in helping others, but they find it difficult to know where and how to start. We want to make it simple for them to serve according to their interests and skills. Everybody has the opportunity in STC Berlin to serve as an individual or as a group, in a one time or on-going manner.

STC Berlin mobilizes volunteers to show acts of kindness in practical ways. It happens when we paint ceilings, hand out food, visit people, play games, make music, organize small festivals, through arts and creativity, in collecting garbage and much more. We serve children, youth and adults, elderly people, disabled people, homeless and other people who are marginalized and need hel

We organize so-called „Aktionstage“ (events) where volunteers can be part of different projects. Our “Aktionstage” consist of one-time projects and therefore one can register as a volunteer very easily and get a taste of serving. We are convinced about the fact that, if lots of people do small things together, we will make a difference. So, STC Berlin wants to develop a serving community in the midst of our society.

We believe that we can shape the city in a positive way. Some of us are motivated by Christian values. Absolutely everyone can participate, no matter his or her ethnic background, belief system or age group. Side by side, we want to tackle the needs, difficulties and challenges of the city while we help practically and in diverse ways.

STC Interview: Rita und Bartosz

Wir freuen uns sehr, dass wir einer von 100 ausgewählten Stipendanten von Startsocial 2018 sind. Herzlichen DANK.

Christine Thumm, die Gründerin war mit "Serve the City Berlin e. V." im Jahr 2016 Preisträger von "Helferherzen". Aus mehreren hundert Bewerbern wurden in Berlin Einige ausgewählt, zu denen Frau Thumm mit STC Berlin e. V. gehörte. Welch eine Ehre! Dankeschön!

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