Many people doing small things can change the face of this world

There are different categories of projects:

  • social projects (visit an elderly home, home for disabled people, homeless shelters etc.)
  • practical projects (painting, cleaning, collecting garbage etc.)
  • and children, youth projects

We always have projects where familys with children can participate.

Previous projects

  • picking up trash in Berlin
  • hand out homemade cookies
  • playing Bingo at an elderly home
  • Playing with kids at the Refugee Shelters
  • Dancing with adults at the Refugee Shelters
  • Playing with kids at Kinderclub Wedding
  • help out at a summer festival in Lichtenberg
  • garden work at a disabled home
  • lots of practical work like painting, ripping off old wallpaper at an old apartment complex 
  • making waffels, cooking and organizing a special afternoon at Cafe Treffpunkt of the salvation army
  • to support the Berlin City Mission during Oct-March
  • to support "Shoe boxes for kids at Christmas"
  • helping with face painting and other kids things at a kidsfestival
  • being part of a Berlin wide even called "Berlin räumt auf" or "Wir Berlin"
  • distributing Thank you cards for the police, firemen etc.
  • to support other NGO´s like Neustart e.V.
  • practical garden work at a hospice in Pankow