Every Serve the City project is lead by a project leader. The project leader is the link between the facilities, organizations, and volunteers. The project leader knows all the information for the project they are leading and takes care of the project team members at the location site.

Single Projects

Single projects are projects that last between 2-3 hours. They allow volunteers to explore different parts of Berlin by engaging and serving in practical or social ways with people in need.

Each project offers a new opportunity!

Action Days

Once a month on a Saturday, we organize a so called Action Day. Normally we offer several

projects within the different categories (social, practical, children). The volunteers meet at a central location for a short time together. We get to know each other, hear some background information about Serve the City, and get to know the different projects. After this time of inspiration and vision, each project team heads out with a STC project leader who takes the group to their project location.

Most of the time we meet at around 1pm and return to our central meeting point around 6pm for a feedback time where we hear inspiring stories and experiences from each other to conclude a successful day of serving.

Community Events

Join our biggest events of the year. We gather with volunteers, friends, people we have served from all around the world. We offer you a chance to connect beyond borders and to experience how we can make a big difference when we come together to enjoy the diversity of cultures, languages, and backgrounds in Berlin.

Besides Mini Projects, Action Days and Community Events we also organize volunteer oppor- tunities for smaller and larger groups. If you are interested please do not hesitate to contact us. There are also plenty of opportunities in all of our projects to participate together as a whole family. Please ask us and we will find a way where you as family can have an unforgettable volunteer experience.

Creative Projects: Painting, Dance, Art and more

We believe in serving the city holistically. That includes the arts. We have painted murals on walls, both inside and outside to bring color and life to that location. Our volunteer teams have painted a dining room at an elderly home, designed an outdoor playground for kids and have also earned the alphabet in German in a playful way.

We have also created a safe and warm place for residents at a disabled home to enjoy their smoke breaks and the fresh air outside during the colder months of the year. We have made henna tattoos at one project. We also choreographed a dance as an advertisement that was performed to make Serve the City known in Berlin.

There are almost no limits to creative and art projects. If you are a musician, designer, painter, spray painter, singer, etc. we would love to welcome you to our team of volunteers and make this city a better place with your skills.

There are almost no limits to creative and art projects. If you are a musician, designer, painter, sprayer, singer etc. we would love to welcome you in our team and make this city a better place with your skills.


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