Dear volunteers

Dear volunteers, At the beginning of January we met as a core team and planned many exciting activities and projects for you. So stay tuned to see what we have prepared for you in 2024!

In February we are starting with two! Action days: one on February 10th and one focus day on February 17th. On this day everything we will focus on the topic “refugees” and we are in three accommodations for refugees in Spandau!

We are looking forward to having you there on February 10th or 17th

Social project, knowledge of German required

The bingo afternoons in St.Elisabeth, a retirement home where we regularly carry out projects, are always great fun for young and old.

We will meet at 1 p.m. in the CIEE premises at Gneisenaustr.27. We are in the project until 5 p.m. Please bring enough time!

Action Day - Serve the City Berlin 2019Soup Kitchen - Serve the City Berlin 2019

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